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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Homemade wood Flag

I am a 4th of July enthusiast. It is a family tradition out here at the Burton homestead to have a 4th of July Party and fireworks. (Bought from the Local reservation) Back in June I found this amazing website called Pinterest and there I found amazing wood flag. I knew I just had to make it. Thanks to Chicks and Gluesticks for their tutorial I now have my very own wooden flag that cost me less then $5 for paint and a free wood pallet from my Dad's work. The hardest part, pulling that pallet apart with out breaking to many pieces. I love how it turned out. My Dad hung it up in our front yard on the big maple tree and I think it might just stay there, at least until the rain starts back up again.

Disclaimer: I love crafts but I love to have patterns. Most of my posts will have links to the actual tutorials. I do not claim to create anything on my own.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let the Cooking Begin!

I spent an hour at Barnes & Noble today looking at cookbooks so that I could find the right one to start my new hobby. This one is the winner. Super simple recipes, super delicious recipes and they have pictures, which in my opinion is a must because how else are you supposed to know what you are supposed to be making! But since I am a poor college student I wrote down the title and hurried home so I could order it online for cheap. 
 Along with the recipe book I have been dying to buy "Eat this not that" Supermarket version. I cant wait to use this as I shop for my groceries that will help me make my masterpieces...or what I hope to be masterpieces. 

I am about to move but hopefully I can start cooking soon. I have a brother who has loved cooking longer then I have loved food so hopefully together we can create something great. So stay tuned for the beginning of awesomeness! 

Cookies on demand

We love cookies in our house. However, when I cook up all the cookie dough immediately, I find that the cookies are gone inhumanly quick.
 I finally took a stand and implemented a trick I learned ages ago: freeze cookie dough balls and then cook them when you want them!!!
I tried this out and the cookie's life expectancy doubled (I'm sure the cookie was happy about this). Reason? well first of all, the hubby couldn't find any baked cookies. Second of all, frozen cookie dough isn't as obvious for him to find; in fact, to his untrained eyes they looked like meatballs. 

Is this idea not genius?? (i can't take the credit, I read about it along time ago). Not only are you saving yourself, and your hubby, calories (more like prolonging the day of inhaling said calories), you can have fresh hot cookies on demand. It really isn't even that much work, I promise. 

Step one: After making delicious cookies, get ready to roll them or spoon them. Get some wax or baking paper and lay it on a cookie sheet. 
Step Two: Next roll that cookie dough and put them on the cookie sheet. 
Step Three: arrange all your vegetables, and other forgotten frozen items, around in the freezer to make way for the cookies. 
Step Four Leave cookies in Freezer for at least 10-20 minutes or until hard. 

Step Five: Finally, after frozen put into a big or little Ziploc bags. Wala! cookie dough on demand.

Next time you make cookies, enjoy watching your husband or children, try to find all those cookies you made. they never will....

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We are sisters who are strewn across the country for all sort of crazy adventures that life has taken us on. For fun, we started this creative blog of mind blowing thoughts to simple craft projects. If you so dare, stay a while, stalk us, laugh with us, or just say hello. We promise that you will find greatness...or maybe a bunch of silliness. : )


So here's a little background about us:

We are family, I've got all my sisters with me. Yes, my family is awesome, and I love my sisters. I was dubbed to introduce all of us. There are actually six of us kids, but only two boys. Two men I mean, and they were born to protect us from evil Darth Vader. Yes, you read that right. Even still, I have it on good authority that they still secretly have their light sabers nearby to protect those around them. Why am I mentioning my brothers, well because if it weren't for them, us girls would be lost to the world of men. They taught us and prepared us for boyfriends and husbands and sons. Most important, they taught us how vital it is to love star wars, if not for our husbands sake, at least for our sons sake.

Anyway, back to us sisters. My sister might change their mind about electing me for the honor of this first post, but its too late...hahah (evil laugh)

The oldest sisters is Joy

Next is Anjuli.

Then Havalah.

Last, but not least: Sierra

But we can't forget our beautiful mother who has inspired us - Marme


I am a mom first of all, but I also love to quilt, scrapbook, read, eat and create. Being a mom is hard; I do a lot of things over and over: dishes, laundry, more dishes. I love to make things because it gives me closure. I love the feeling after I finish a quilt or a scrapbook that is why I create. It keeps things real for me. Hopefully some of the "stuff" we share here can help you keep things real too...

Introducing Joy (according to Hava) She is our drama queen; drama queen in the best possible way. During her high school days she was in all the school drama productions. But, she mostly entertained us at home. We loved being around her "joyful" and dramatic personality. She always made us laugh in the best ways. She once told my mom that she would never sew or be crafty in anyway....well only a few years later she has become a quilting and scrapbook maniac. oh and did I mention that she makes the best deserts? well she does. 


I am a single Mom to 3 Boys. Being a Mom is my main occupation, but I am also a full time Online Student of Business. Between 3 boys and school, I have felt at times to have lost myself. But on those rare occasions that I can take time to sew, or craft, I find that small part of myself that stands alone and strong. My belief is that in order to be a better Mom, I need to be able to have a small amount of Me time. So, along with my Sisters I hope to share those things that help me become a better Mom, and that help me to understand myself.

She is captivating, elegant and full of spunk. She always let my sister and I tag along with her and her older friends-and yes, Sierra and I thought we were the coolest kids on the block because of it. She never once made us feel like a younger sister tag along.  She was always the designated pie maker during thanksgiving and any other time. Yes, they were that good. She has always been amazing at sewing and other crafty endeavors. And if you have a curly hair problem, she's your girl.


like "Little Bird, Little Havalah" (name that movie). I am 5'1 and proud of every inch. I'm so lucky to be a stay at home mum to a lively little redhead boy; he is my daily dose of pure sunshine. Along with being a mum, I have an unnatural love for jumping while taking pictures. But that's not all, I also love being creative. My motto is "necessity is the mother of invention"; so as my creative juices flow, I just hope that something amazing will happen during the process....

She loves art and music of all kinds (but mostly classical). She claims to not be an artist, but she likes to pretend. She loves everything rainbow even though she is now an adult. Thus, she loves colors; all of them. Since having a baby, she has found herself with more time to be creative and is excited to beautify the world with one creative project at a time.


Yo, my name is Sierra, and I love life. A few important things you need to know: I love to eat, read, music and anything to do with sports. I have always said I'm not creative, but I think I have finally found a creative outlet in cooking; who knew my love for food could be turned into a hobby. Being a busy person between work and school, I find these hobbies help me relax and love life anew. Peace out and stay tuned for some awesomeness!!!!

Last, but not least. Sierra. She is our sunshine. Literally. Except when she sleeps...Anyway, she has always been our sporty sister and has claimed that she was born without any crafty or creative talent. Oh boy, was she wrong. Like a super hero, she is yet to find her super powers or at least realize them. Recently she started to realize her love of food (we could have told her that, but she needed to find out on her own). 


Most important is our Mother, or as we like to call her Marme. To us she is a mother, friend and even a sister too. If it weren't for her, we would not be who we are today. She has taught us how to endure through hardship, how to laugh, how to love, but most important she has been all of our best friend. Each of us think that we are her she definitely did something right. She is probably the most creative person that I know.