' October 2011 - Sisters, What!

end of 31 days of HP

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This Bag Belongs At Hogwarts.  Ready-Made Leather Luggage Tag.  Immediate Shipping.

found here
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or "I had you at hello, I lost you at 'i don't like harry potter'"
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And most Important:

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Thanks for joining us on this magical journey through Harry Potter land. Come back next October for more Harry Potter love.

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Murder Mystery Dinner

Inspired by a dear friend who turned 30 in January and threw a Harry Potter party. I decided I needed to do something like that for my 30th.  I decided to do a murder mystery dinner. Another dear friend told me about one that was all focused on Fantasy Characters and I knew that was right where I wanted to go.....so we had Vampires, werewolfs, mages, Faes, and Mortal watchers.  And the setting was a costume ball so the costumes could be whatever you wanted. I found the downloadable kit here at Dinner and Murder.

I had so much fun planning this party and putting it on. I also enjoyed coming up with my costume.  I normally focus on my boys for Halloween (which I will post about soon) that I don't dress up.  This year I came up with the perfect costume for me, inspired by The Affinity Bridge a George Mann novel and his Character Miss Veronica Hobbes.  Miss Veronica Hobbes has been compared to a female version of Watson in Sherlock and Holmes. So based on her I created a Steampunk Costume.  Steampunk involves a setting where steam power is still widely used—usually Victorian era Britain—that incorporates elements of either science fiction or fantasy.  Still confused just google Steampunk and discover a whole genre!!!!

Now on to the Party!!!! I had 30 of my closest friends there to share the night with me. And I was so glad to see how into the night every one was.  I wish I had taken more picture before of the decor but I ran out of time.

The Goody Table
The Guests!!
I was the investigator, discovering the bodies.
(no I didn't know the solution)
The whole Group
I think I need an Airship. 

Trying to pose. Not my strong suit.
I found a pattern for the jacket and made the hat. The rest is goodwill or internet finds.

Would you like a tutorial on how to make the hat?  

HP and Halloween Day 30: Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins this weekend with Sierra. And yes, the pumpkins were from our garden; It felt that much more awesome knowing that one little fact the whole time we carved

Here's my Harry Potter Pumpkin. Looks sweeter in real life. 
a side view of the snitch. 

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HP Day 29: Witchy Woman

So my mom is pretty awesomely creative. Where do you think all us girls got our creativity from? Definitely from her.
 She recently sent me some pics of her recent Halloween endeavors and I just had to share them on here. 
Isn't this the most awesome witches hat ever!! I love the pink and black striped tights with it. And yes, she makes for a pretty hot looking witch. 

She's also helping with my nephews Harry Potter party, so she made these potion bottles. She smoked the jars with smoke spray (jars found at various antique shops). Then she sprayed with glitter.
 Next she watered down acrylic paint and painted the jars. She kept smoke spraying the jars between steps to get the authentic look. They look awesome!
And here is a glimpse of the table; The red eyed rat is a nice touch!

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HP Day 28: Accio...

I definitely need to make this for Luke....found hereHarry Potter Onesie Accio Milk (Blue)

HP day 27: Potter Wars

Just had to throw this video  into the mix. Enjoy


HP day 26: Harry Potter Parties

This month of Harry Potter wouldn't be complete with out highlighting some awesome Harry Potter parties that fellow bloggers have done. 

This one below is the ultimate Harry Potter Party, and I mean ultimate. She even named her blog My Harry Potter party, because there were so many details and prep work. 
Along with the sign she painted a sheet that looks like bricks to be the passage to Platform 9 3/4.

I love this portrait of the fat lady. She actually hired an artist to paint it for her. Amazing!

Her husband made some really authentic wooden wands for each child and they even had a table for potions class. Seriously, if you've never been to this blog before, YOU NEED to check it out. It will make you want to have a intense Harry Potter part yourself. 

Serendipity Creativity also did an awesome HP party. Check out that cake! The attention to details with this party are amazing

Over at the Dragon Fairy Tale blog she included a Horcrux Hunt with her party. 
She even has free printable labels to print out for your own HP party. 

My sister is doing a Harry Potter Party and I really, really, really wish I could apparite, fly a broom, or use floo powder to be there for it. Ah, well next time maybe.

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