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Sunday, March 25, 2012

5 second 5 ingredients Restaurant Style Salsa

Because the weather has been so amazingly warm lately, we've been making a lot homemade salsa

i swear that this tastes just like the best of the best Mexican Restaurant salsa's. seriously, it rocks. I know what you're thinking, "that's what everyone says about their recipes" but let me put your mind at ease.

1.I've already mentioned on here that if I was born into a different life or culture I'd be Mexican. How do I know that? I just do. If that doesn't do it for you...
2. I grew up on the West coast ergo good, really good Mexican food (yes I'm biased, really biased)
3. I eat burritos Every Day. I kid you not. Every day, and I never get tired of them (I make a lot of this bean mix in the crockpot and it will last me about a week)
4. I didn't really cook much Mexican food until we moved to Erie Pennsylvania, where we found a ghastly lack of Mexican food. There was one restaurant that was ok (but not worth spending precious student loans on). Thus, if I wanted to eat Mexican, I had to cook it myself. 
6. Did I mention that this is my Mom's recipe, ergo again, it's bound to be amazing. (not sure what happened to reason number 5, but I'm sure it was good)

Was that enough proof for you? I might have exaggerated a little, for by no means do I consider myself a good cook; I make dinner because we need dinner. But, Mexican food is something I refuse to take lightly when eating or cooking, especially salsa. I'm telling you, this is good stuff.

 And did I mention that it only takes like 5 seconds to make.

5 Second 5 Ingredient Restaurant Style Salsa
You just need 5 ingredients for this version:
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 small onion (or half of a large onion)
a small can of diced jalapenos (or 1 fresh jalapeno)
1/2 of a small bunch of cilantro (you may want do a little at a time just to make sure it's not too much)
half a lime (squeezed)
1 tbsp of salt (i guess this would technically be a 6th ingredient)

put into a blender or food processor.
Add more salt if needed.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pizza Pizza..

So last night I had to go for a long run to try out my new running shoes and it ended up being a painful run (obviously I'm not in great shape) but the great thing that came out of it was that I was super hungry afterwords (nothing new there) and wanted to make tons of food. So off to the store I went with this wonderful dream of Alfredo Pizza with tomatoes and basil, but then that dream changed when I decided to add Italian sausage and bacon. Anyway it turned out amazing and it was really easy to make, I would definitely recommend it next time you want to make some pizza. I don't have measurements because I just eye balled it which is how pizza should be made. But don't leave out the basil because in my opinion it is the cherry on top!
Italian Sausage
Alfredo Sauce
Colby Jack Cheese (for under toppings)
Mozzarella (on top)

Enjoy...and keep being awesome! 

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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Shine Project

So this summer I have the great opportunity to be a project leader for an event here in Salt Lake City for the non-profit called "The Shine Project". The Shine Project's purpose is to "inspire you to live the highest quality of life obtainable, and to motivate you to join our efforts in making this world a better place".The event that I am helping with is to help raise money to go into the scholarship fund which helps at-risk teens go to college. It is a small non-profit with a big heart and great idea. Anyway if you are in the Salt Lake area we would love to see you guys there. To learn more about this non-profit and the event go here

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

let them eat cake...lemon cake, with tea please

A few weeks ago, I hosted a book club for the discussion of Major Pettigrew Last Stand by Helen Simonson. It only seemed proper that we had tea and cake, and so we did. And yes, that is a British Flag on the cake. 
[So funny story.: the frosting has cool whip in it, so it needed to stay in the fridge until ready to eat....basically it stayed in there all night because I sort of forgot about it. Oops! I think my hubby was pretty happy, because it was a really good cake.] 
Actually, it's probably the first cake that I've ever been proud of (and yes it was still from a box). No seriously, I don't bake. Cookies are the only sweet thing I claim to be comfortable with, but baking anything else is NOT my forte. Thus was I shocked how it turned out (actually, that it even turned out), and I actually ate more then one piece.
  The secret: yogurt!! 
 I've heard sour cream was good in cakes, so I thought that yogurt might be good too (yep, I'm a risk taker, probably why I shouldn't bake). Anyway, I found a recipe online and decided to go it. 

Unfortunately, I can't find that exact recipe since that I made it, but it's pretty simple. 
Without further ado....

Yogurt Box Cake:
1 Box cake (any flavor, I used a lemon cake)
1 small container of yogurt 
3/4 cups water
normal oil amounts per box instructions
2-3 eggs (as box instructs)

mix altogether and cook according to instruction. 
*Yogurt will make cake super moist but a little dense like pound cake. 

Now the frosting was from a random old recipe book I was just happening to look through. SO GOOD!
Frozen Juice Deliciousness Frosting
1 6 oz can of sweet and condensed milk
1/2 of concentrated juice of choice (I did orange juice because that's what I had on had, but recipe calls for frozen lemonade)
1 8oz container of frozen whipped cream (I'm sure you can use fresh whipped cream)

- mix milk and orange juice well, then fold in whipped cream. 
- Put on cake and chill. 
Seriously, I usually stay away from cakes and deserts, because they always go wrong (even if I follow recipe to the tee), but this cake and frosting was the best thing in the world!
 So good and easy, I just had to share it. 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

fresh baked Pi

I'm far from being a mathematician, but I do remember one thing and that's Pi. So in honor of Pi day...
{via here}

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Kony 2012 Cont...

I am sorry but you have to deal with philanthropic Sierra again but I need to comment on my recent post about Kony 2012. I made the mistake of posting that video and promoting Invisible Children before I did my research. While I still think it is great what they are trying to accomplish I don't think their execution was the best. You see only 30% of their donations even go to the children. Obviously we understand that they have to pay employees and pay for travel etc. but I have worked for non-profits who have just as many employees and much more of the donations goes to the cause. Also they need to be more accurate in the information that they are sending out in their video. There are a few points I'd love to dispute in that video but will save that for another time. But that is only the first point I would like to make about this campaign, and by no means am I an expert but I am definitely interested in it. So buckle your seat belts and here we go.

This isn't the beginning of this problem. This has been going on for years and there have been many campaigns trying to do the same thing, raise awareness about the problems in Africa. Don't get me wrong I think it is great that they are getting people who wouldn't normally care about anything past what they had for breakfast that morning to care about something much bigger then themselves but what is next? But is simply re-posting the video really making a difference? My brother commented that if you want to make a difference in the world start locally. Look around your community and see where help is needed. And when are we going to let the Africans have a say in what is going on in their own countries? Read this article, I think they make some really good points about what else we should be doing besides just raising awareness.

My next point is do you guys really think that killing one man will stop everything that is happening. First off do we really even know if he is still alive? Is there someone who is second in command that can take over what Kony has been doing? I think it could take more of an army to stop this then just simple awareness and capture of one man. Now I'm not saying the US needs to go in and fix things. We as a country are so blessed to have so much and because of this I would love if we could go and help everywhere that it is needed but we can't, and we can't force our ideals and beliefs on other countries, plus it isn't necessarily our business. 

So there you guys go. Like I said I am definitely not the expert just a Legal Assistant trying to change the world. Looks like I need to check out my community and see what they need. Anyways keep being awesome.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scrap Flower Spring Garland

While visiting sister Joy, I came across her vast fabric scrap bucket full of wonderful colors (she picks out the best fabrics for her quilts). For fun, I started making scrap flowers. After a few random flowers, I came up with this idea of putting it on a garland. 
So after making her a plethora of flowers, I came home and immediately went through my own fabric scraps. It was the perfect little project for the 3 hr drive to and from Columbus (don't worry, I wasn't the one driving).

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kony 2012

So just yesterday I heard about this new campaign called Kony 2012. Apparently it is a campaign to make Joseph Kony, one of the world's worst war criminals, famous so that he can be arrested and the children that he has kidnapped can be returned to their homes. He is the leader of the LRA that started in Africa and he has been running the rebel group for over 20 years. Now I know this is a little bit out of the ordinary for this blog but I am kind of curious to know what everyone's thoughts are about it. 

As for me I think it is a great campaign but then again I am an aspiring philanthropist who wants to change the world one lease document at a time (hopefully that will change soon), so I might be semi-biased. But the idea that just regular everyday people from all over the world are getting together to try and stop this man from destroying children's lives and from killing many people sparks something in me. So watch this video and tell me what your thoughts are on this campaign. I am just curious to see if it will be effective and actually make a change. 
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

"luck be a lady tonight"....painted Luck blocks

“Love Song” by W.B. Yeats
My love, we will go, we will go, I and you,
And away in the woods we will scatter the dew;
And the salmon behold, and the ousel too,
My love, we will hear, I and you, we will hear,
The calling afar of the doe and the deer.
And the bird in the branches will cry for us clear,
And the cuckoo unseen in his festival mood;
And death, oh my fair one, will never come near
In the bosom afar of the fragrant wood.

I have a love-hate relationship with poetry, particularly with poems by Yeats. But this peom is pure and so beautiful. 

So, I love St. Patricks day; I love the silly phrases like “Kiss me I’m Irish” or "Pinch me".
 I love wearing of green.
 I love pretending I’m Irish for the day.
I love pinching those not wearing green (however, I usually just pinch the hubby  these days)
I love Rainbows and gold at the end of it
I love Leprechauns (maybe because I feel we would get along if I ever caught one)….I love it all.
My husband didn’t believe me this year when I exclaimed my love for St. Patricks day. He laughed at me and said “you've never cared for the holiday since we’ve been married.” He is right; I’ve never decorated or wanted to celebrate it until this year. I guess the true story is, it was my favorite holiday in high school; especially since my school colors were green and gold and I was extra silly back then (don’t worry I’m still silly) 
Anyhow,  for my first St. Patricks day decoration since being married, I made these Luck blocks. Inspired by a pin on pinterest, I painted letters on to the back of some winter block decorations (I know, pure genius-two decorations in one!!)
However, the tutorial suggested using a ball point pen to trace the letters, but I used an exacto knife instead and I think it worked REALLY well. I still had to be careful with staying in the lines, but it seem to keep the paint in the lines better.
*I used the font Tinteretto (but in Caps) download free here
It took me like a half an hour to do these blocks. Easiest paint project ever! And I really liked how they turned out. 


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Friday, March 2, 2012

Liebster Award

Michelle from Miss Stitch a Wish Designs, has recently passed along the Liebster blog award to our blog. What is the Liebster blog award? As has been said already by another blogger,  I quote:

 "Liebster is a German word for dearest or beloved,  and the award is given to other bloggers, to promote and encourage new friendships among the blogging community."
What a colorful and a creative way to get to know and encourage each other on the blogging community. It's nice to know that other people like what they find here. Speaking of creative, you must visit Michelle at Miss Stitch a Wish Designs, she has such a electic and creative blog full of real life goodness and beautiful creativity. 

So here is how the Liebster blog award works:
-Post award on your blog
- Reveal your picks for the award and let them know (see below)
- keep on supporting your fellow bloggers
- Have fun and pass it on!

In No Particular Order: drum roll please
a few good things.
1. A blog I’ve been reading for a long time is A Few Good Things. However, I have found more than a few good things from Jessica. She has inspired me to read more good books, I’ve laughed so hard at her wit, and she likes Alan Rickman.

Live it to the Heavens
2. Another blog that I just love reading is a friend of mine (from those college days oh so long ago).: Rikki at Live it to the Heavens. Rikki gives a glimpse of her life with her family by being honest and so funny. She takes the word akward and makes the reader feel totally at ease. I don’t know if she realizes it, I'm always so inspired reading her daily thoughts and sometimes little struggles. More than a few times, after reading one of her post, I have been so relieved that I was not the only one going through some crazy problem or emotion.  Rikki, please don’t stop writing.

Modesty is Pretty
3. The last one is one that I recently discovered. It is Modesty is Pretty by Shey. She is a teacher who loves to thrift and likes to dress modestly.  It is so nice to read a blog about fashion in which the fashion is modest and way cute. It is a breath of fresh air. 

Well there you have, go now and be inspired!

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The Pineapple Pillow

Sierra has a thing for pineapples. I think it has something to do with the show "Psych"...not really sure. Anyway for Christmas a little bird (Hava) gave me the idea to sew her something with a pineapple on it. Because she likes to take her pineapples with her everywhere I thought of a pillow. Good news...she loved it and I had a lot of fun putting it together for her. Pillows are such a great way to do just a little bit of quilting at a time. Plus a pillow is small enough that I can do the quilting myself. LOVE that.


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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Savvy Style: Shabby Apple Skirt

So I have always loved Shabby Apple but ever sense they started sponsoring us I find myself wandering to their website more frequently and I have to tell you I have fallen in love with one of their skirts. Now I know that may seem a little intense but you must understand that I work in a legal department and I do not  really like business dress, so naturally when I see skirts like this one I may or may not fall in love. If only true love was really that easy... Anyway enjoy and keep being awesome!

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