Baby Shower for Twins - Sisters, What!

Baby Shower for Twins

In November I was able to Host a baby shower for a great friend with the help of some friends and my Mom. Our theme was Two little Birds why, because she was having TWINS. A girl and a boy!  We kept the shower simple and had tons of fun.


We had the guests right thoughts on the diapers.
This was great.  Some said "Dad's Turn".  

We hung the diapers up so everyone could read them. 
And on the bird cage are recipes for my friend, her one request was for some simple recipes. 

Another Friend, decorated this cake. 
I couldn't get a good picture but that is a mini clothes line.

The one game we placed was figuring out was in the bag. 
We placed a small baby object in each bag.
They could feel and shake but that's it.


  1. Cute ideas! I love the diaper thoughts!

  2. So cute! I love the diaper thoughts idea. I should do those on some of Luke's and see if brigg catches any of them.

  3. I just had to tell everyone about your blog on my Facebook page ( - so glad you linked up to the Pinterest Challenge so I could discover you!

  4. What a sweet shower - with so many special touches. Thanks for linking to tickled Pink...I am pinning this on the tickled pink page!


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