A Mickey Mouse Birthday - Sisters, What!

A Mickey Mouse Birthday

My sister saw my late blog post on my personal blog about my son's 4th birthday that happened back in May. You may remember the invitation that I created and shared back in May.  She was shocked I hadn't shared it here.  But honestly I just posted it on my own blog so I am not that far behind for me.  This son is my baby but he is 4 and I am still in shock.  His biggest obsession is Mickey Mouse, one honestly that I feed because my other 2 boys were never interested in him.  When he was interested in a Mickey Mouse party I was super excited, I had so many great ideas but life happened.  So what I ended up doing was inviting all his friends over for a road rally. They all brought bikes of some sort and had a great time.  
The Party Hats
I wanted Mickey Mouse hats but you know how expensive those are.
So I ended up cutting ears from foam pieces and gluing them on party hats.

Vintage Mickey Mouse Poster
Costco has a great selection of Disney posters that they will print out at any size.
All I had to do was frame it and now it is over his bed. 

I borrowed some fun metal vintage movie displays from a friend.
 And bought Mickey Mouse figurines from Disney.com

The Whole Table

 Our Mickey Mouse Cupcakes
Cupcakes with big oreo's and mini oreos
Simple and fun.

 My Baby and I


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  1. Love the vintage Mickey stuff! Great party!

  2. I keep "running into" all these Micky Mouse parties, and I'm so excited about it! We're going to do a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme for our little guy's birthday. Love the Micky Mouse oreo cupcakes. Super cute!

  3. So cute! I love the cupcakes! the whole table looks so bright and happy!

  4. great idea, when my little one will be a bit older I am gonna have a similar one :)


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