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Thrifted and Fitted Sweater [Tutorial]

I recently came across this video and it really made me think. I love reusing, especially when there are so many things that are of high quality but might need some tlc.
I'm not a big fan of shopping, so when I do buy something new I must love it and it better last. However, I also have noticed that some brand of clothing that I've bought does seem to be of lesser quality. I've decided that I love finding clothes at thrift stores, mostly because I can find unique and good quality clothes for inexpensive.

Anyway, speaking of thrift clothes...along with altering shirts, sweaters are another great piece of clothing that can easily be altered. I found this red polka dot sweater recently and thought it was a risk, but it was half off at Goodwill so I figured it was worth it. 
//1//First I took in the sweater to fit me (use tutorial from thrifted and fitted shirt post). 

//2//Next I cut off the collar and turned in the unfinished neck edge about 1/4 inch and sewed it in place to create a finished seam. It was amazing how such a little thing as cutting off that black neck collar made to this sweater. 
Super easy. Next time you'ra at a thrift store, look for colors or patterns that stand out to you instead of the actual clothing design. Most clothing designs can be altered to make it modern and stylish again. 


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