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Sunshine Sunday: Happy Fathers Day

This quote perfectly explains our Father. When he was teaching us how to be better he did it by actions, and his words matched his actions. 

Fathers are so important to a child's upbringing. Children look to them as their hero, a person to look up to, to teach them skills, and to provide them with love and care. 

Our Father gave so much of his time to be a Father to each of us. He could have made millions but instead he chose to put his family first. 

Not only did he put his family first, he loved my mother. He worked so hard so that she could stay home with me and my siblings. So that she could always be there for us. He provided for us. 

He taught us the value of work. My dad could have easily paid for my life but he and my mom raised us to know how to work and to appreciate it. Each of us know how to work hard and how to do a job right. Now only did they teach us this but they showed us.

But I'm not only grateful for my father. But I am also so grateful for my Heavenly Father. I know how much my Father loves me and I know that my Heavenly Father loves me that much more. He loves me and all of us in a way that we can not fathom. Enjoy this video.

Happy Fathers Day!

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