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DIY Felt Storage Box out of a Cardboard Box

We all end up with many Cardboard boxes, learn here how to make a DIY felt storage box out of a cardboard box. It's easy to make than you think

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easy diy felt storage box

Ah, it's January and it's that unofficial holiday where you can organize and deep clean your house. Do you participate in this holiday? I'm kind of a hoper, I join in full heartedly and give out half way through before I just give up all together. But, I really love my diy storage containers. I might not be great at organizing or deep cleaning, but I am great at making things to organize with, ha!

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There is something so satisfying to me about taking a cardboard box and turning it into something useful. Perhaps they recycle cardboard, but when I reuse it I know it will be used for sure and will have a better life. The best part is that this container doesn't require any sewing and took me under 5 minutes to make.
upcycle cardboard box for storage
home decor out of cardboard box

DIY Felt Storage Box out of a Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box

Watch video for full visual tutorial:

Step 1

Place box on your felt. You want the felt to be twice as wide and long as your box. Pull the felt up and over the box and make sure there is a little left to tuck over the edges. (see video for example). 

Step 2

Cut squares out of the side. You want some overlap with the squares, so the squares should be at least an inch from the box

Step 3

Fold and tuck the now cut squares and hot glue to the box. This is a little hard to explain so it's best to refer to the video. 

Step 4

Glue the top edges over and to the inside of the box.

Step 5

Now it's time to make the inside of the box. You'll want four felt rectangles for this part. Two small ones to cover the inside short end parts and one long one that will go over the middle. Again refer to the video on placement of these rectangles. 

Step 6

Add the scrap leather pieces to the end following the direction of the rivet tool kit. Sorry, I forgot to do a video or pictures of putting those on. Before you'll be able to put the rivets in, you'll need to punch a hole through the felt and box to make a place for the rivets. 

Save this image to pin for later reference:
diy storage container cardboard box

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