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About Us

First things first: 

My name is Havalah (from Fiddler on the Roof), the 5th of 6 kids. I have 3 other amazing sisters, I'm the short one on the end, five foot zero, exactly. BUT, I'm wearing flats and my sisters are cheating. 
My sisters and I started this blog together to connect creatively while spread all over the country. But now, it is just me who blogs. 
A little about me:
I fell 70 feet rocking climbing when I was 19 and healed completely. Well almost, I shrunk two inches. One day I'll share that story on here. 

I have 4 kids and stay at home to take care of them. And yes I'm old enough to have 4 kids. I had my first when I was 24 and the others about 2 year apart. I think you can do the math...My family comes first in my life and they are my biggest creative muses. 
I live in Portland Oregon but grew up in Olympia Wa. The Pacific Northwest is my life. But during our early years of marriage, we have lived in Provo Ut, Erie Pa, and Morgantown WV before coming to Portland. 

I just started homeschooling my two older boys in 2019 and now have 3 kids that I'm currently home schooling. It's been an interesting adventure both up and down. I was home schooled up until high school, so it's kind of part of who I am. 

>Are you homeschooling? find some free home school planners here and ABC printable charts HERE

I feel like I'm a creative jane of every trade I can try kind of person. I love to sew, craft, paint, and attempt to decorate. But I love trying all things creative. 

This blog is really just a big hobby of mine. It's like a part time-part time hobby. I make a minuscule amount of money, but not even enough to make it worth the hours I put into it. But honestly, I do it because I love the creative outlet it provides me and sharing what I make with those few people who read this blog. I don't ever plan on making this a full time or even part time gig because my family comes first and the blog fills in any spare time I might have. 

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Along with my family, it is my life and everything I do and believe is because of my belief in Jesus Christ. I know that I am a better person because of following and living the teachings of the Savior. 

Where did we get the name Sisters, Whats!
We got the name from the show Psych; yes we're big fans. Shawn (the fake psychic in the show) and his best friend Gus, often say to each other "What!" So somehow we came up with the name Sisters, What! It's not a question, but an exclamation. 

Why do we love pineapple so much?
We've always loved pineapple, I mean who doesn't right? But we love it even more so because of Psych. At least once every episode, a pineapple makes an appearance. (Check out our Pineapple Pinterest Board)

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