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Family Room Update - Fireplace, Bookshelf and Window Improvements

built in bookshelves and new mantel with tile around fire
We moved into our house just a year ago and even though we weren't planning on it, the husband decided it'd be fun to start some demolition on the mantle. And you know how it goes, you decide to change one thing, then you decide to change something else. The mantle was the first thing, then my husband decided to put some built in shelves in the cabinets/holes (update: recent post on built in bookshelves and fire place update) Finally, after a year
, the mantle was the last to be put in. It was quite the process, 95 percent of it was done by the husband. I did pick out the color and help paint, but the brawn's and brains was all him. It was quite the project, but he did an amazing job. He learned so much during this project and found himself a new hobby. I'll save the process of it all for another post, for now here are some close up pictures.
*make sure you check out the more recent post of the process of the built in bookshelves and fireplace update

Another thing we did (when I saw we, I really mean him) was change the window out for a bigger window. We had to replace it anyway, so we thought, what the heck, let's go bigger. What a difference it made to the lighting in the room. He also trimmed it out to match the bookcase.  
Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for more detailed pictures of the process for a later post.
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Family Room makeover with new built in bookshelves and a new mantel with new tile around the fire.
Family Room makeover replacing smaller window with bigger window


  1. Wow, so impressive. I love the wainscoat (I think thats what you can it) detail in the bookcase. Keep these posts coming. Love them!

  2. What a great update, you both did a great job!! And picking the color is an important contribution :)

  3. It looks really good, guys! Nice job, Brig and Hava!

  4. What a great use of the space! Love the new color!

  5. Wow! Really, really beautiful! How lucky to have a hubby with such a useful hobby!

  6. Great updates! I'm working on updating my own "fireplace" (I don't actually have a fireplace but I can pretend...) Thanks for sharing at Motivational Monday.

  7. If you don't mind sharing, what are those paint colors? Love them!

  8. Both colors are from Lowes and are the Valspar brand: the grey is Prudence and the in is Mint Whisper. We love them too!

  9. Hey, we rarely use our fireplace so it's practically pretend haha. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. So sweet! You made that blue look perfect! I love the style of your moulding on the windows. What a great room! Thanks for sharing on Think & Make Thursday :)) ~ Karisa | Petite Modern Life


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