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Modern Homeschool Room - How to Display Picture Study and Kids Art

Here are a couple homeschool wall learning display ideas. Displaying art for your home or for picture study is a great way to immerse kids in picture study. These art displays are also great for exhibiting your kids homeschool projects or nature/science studies. 
modern homeschool room art display learning wall

Wood Dowel & Leather School and Artist Study Display

We don't have much space in our new house where we homeschool. We have empty walls everywhere, but alas, we homeschool right off the kitchen, and wall space is limited because of two, beautifully big windows. I wouldn't get rid of those windows for the world, but they definitely limit what wall space we have available. Which means, I only have one wall to work with to hold our books, a small chalkboard and somewhere to display our picture study art and space for other school art. 
small room homeschool set up with school display
I had one small section left to do so, so I had to come up with something that would be simple yet efficent for our needs. After browsing the internet for months looking for inspiration, I saw a few people do displays with thin curtain rods and clips. I then had an aha moment to do leather straps and wood. 

Once I thought of the idea, I went to Joanns, got some dowels and planned it out. I had some scrap leather and black screws already. All I needed was some clips, which I found easy enough on Amazon. It cost me under $10 and took me less than 30 minutes to put up by myself. 
picture study art display for modern homeschool room

Artist Study

Artist study is my favorite subject partly because it was part of my major in college, but also because art teaches a variety of things. When we do artist study, we only intentionally cover for about 10 minutes a week, but since it's always on display, it is constantly being looked at and examined.

- If you would like read more about the why and how of artist study, check out this artist study post that I wrote for Simple Wonders. 
how to study art with children charlotte mason
artist study display for charlotte mason

1/2" dowel rod (JOANN)
scrap leather
black screws deep enough to go into the drywall and studds (or regular screws painted black)

Step 1:

I feel like this is pretty self explanitory but here is what I did. I found the wood studs and marked it. I then used a level to mark exactly where the screws would go. The studds were perfect the length of dowel rod that Joanns carried.

Step 2: 

For the scrap leather I poked holes into the leather and then I screwed the screws throught the leather into the wall. Very simple. Then I added the dowels and the curtain clips. 
dowel display for artist study

Wood Bead Garland Kids Artwork Display

kid wood bead garland art display
Artwork display #2 is this wood bead garland that I put up downstairs in our basement for the kids artwork. I actually made this one first, but it was to far from the school room to use for homeschool stuff, so it's strictly for their art. 
easy kid simple wood bead art display
This one was perfect for downstairs because I had the wall space for a long art display. I saw this idea on etsy and realized I had all the supplies to make one myself. This one was a bit trickier to make because I used wool balls. But, I love the pop of color of the wool balls. Alternatively, you could paint wood balls. 

Wood beads - I used 20 mm and some smaller ones I had on hand (I think they were 14 mm)
Wire - sorry, I'm not sure what gauge I had. 

Step 1:

This one is really simple to make too, but took a bit longer. I measured my space and started stringing the wool balls and beads onto the wire. I decided a pattern and then went to it. The wood beads went on the wire easy enough, but it was a bit harder to put the wool beads on. I learned that poking a hole with a thick yarn needle (the metal ones) helped make a hole for the wire to go through easier. 

Step 2: 

After I finished it just a little less than length I wanted and then added clothes pins spread throughout. Then I wound it around two screws that I placed in two studs. 
wood bead art display for kids
easy modern art display for the home

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