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How to refashion a Sweater Heart Sweater Refashion

My most recent refashion is inspiration from pinterest and it's perfect for fall and winter. Inspired by this heart sweater HERE, I figured any plain old sweater could easily be transformed into a heart sweater. 
easy sweater refashion upcycle

Did I already mention, it's the perfect fall layering sweater. I love it and it took me 30 minutes from start to finish. 
Heart sweater tutorial and refashion

How to Refashion a Sweater Heart Sweater Tutorial:

Difficulty - Super Easy

  • Plain Sweater
  • black knit fabric

Step 1:

If you are using a thrifted or oversized sweater, you might need to alter it to fit you first (go here for tutorial)

Step 2:

Cut a heart shape pattern out on paper. Turn your sweater inside out and lay your knit fabric on the front side of the inside of the sweater and pin (where you want your heart to be). Trace your heart out onto the knit

*Please note that this is by no means anatomically correct - this is kind of a duh thing since my cut out heart is astronomically bigger than it should be but I'm just covering my bases just in case a certain brother in law reads this post. 
//3// Following your traced lines, sew the knit to the sweater. I sewed around twice for fun : ). Then turn right side out and cut out the inside of your heart. Never thought I'd be telling anyone to cut their heart out; that's why I didn't use the word literally. Now you have a black heart...sweater ; ). 
Heart sweater tutorial and refashion



  1. An easy redo! I have an old sweater that could use some pizazz and a red thrift-ed sweater I used the sleeves for boot toppers...I'm thinking a Valentine's day sweater is in order!

  2. Hi, would you mind if I featured this tutorial on my new sewing community blog that I am in the midst of setting up? It would consist of an image, a short description and a link to your original post.
    Hannah Smith


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