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How to Make Pressed Flower Laminated Bookmarks

These pressed dried flower bookmarks are easy to make and perfect for little hands to create a fun piece of handicraft art work of nature that they can keep forever. 

diy dried flower bookmarks with laminating

Last summer we dried a lot of flowers using the microwaveflower pressing method. We had a quite an assortment of flowers but we didn’t do anything with them all winter.

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I've seen many people reuse plastic food containers and use a homemade biodegradable modge podge, but I rarely buy food that comes in plastic containers so I haven't had any around. Although it's plastic, I will use laminate sheets especially if it's something I want to last for a long time. Laminating flowers and leaves is a great way to keep them lasting forever. 

how to make laminated flower bookmarks
Finally, this spring I decided we should try making some flower bookmarks as a handicraft project. I was going to use full size sheets but then I came across these laminated bookmark pouches. I got some immediately because they seem so much easier for my kids to do them then laminating a full sheet of flowers. Plus, they don't need to cut them. They come in a pack of 100, so I think we'll have dried flower bookmarks forever and be giving them as gifts for a long time.

 I love having something that we can put together as a beautiful, homemade gift for others. Especially a homemade gift that kids can make themselves. I know this doesn't seem much like a handicraft project, but from the process of collecting flowers, pressing them and then organizing them into a bookmark pouch it is definitely a work of art. Perhaps as the kids get older they will get more creative make more detailed patterns. For now, it is a great way to experiment with colors and shapes from nature. 

How to Make Pressed Flower Laminated Bookmarks

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Dried Flowers (dry flowers quick with microwave dried flower tutorial)
Watch video of my kids here:

Step 1: Dry flowers

The most important step is to gather some flowers to dry. You can do the classic method of drying flowers in a flower press or between book pages, or you can try your hand at doing it in the microwave

Step 2: Pick out and Arrange Flowers

Get all the flowers out and have your kids sort the flowers by shape, size or color. Or you can do that if this is a project for you. Decide what pattern you want to make and place inside the laminate pouch sleeve. 

Step 3: Laminate 

And last but not least, laminate those flower bookmarks. If you like, you can go a step further and punch a hole and add a pretty, matching tassle to the top. 
diy dried flower bookmarks
And there you go, you've made your first clear pressed flower bookmarks. They're very beautiful and will help you hold on to spring and summer for all year long. These flower bookmarks will make the perfect gifts for all your book loving friends. 

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