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Lace Shirt Refashion - Grandma Style

I've been trying to go through my 'clothes that need help' pile lately and I finally got to this shirt 2 years later. If my husband knew how long I've hoarded somethings....He also said this was kind of fancy/old for me, like something my Grandma would wear. I took it as a compliment since both my Grandmas were classy ladies and had exquisite taste. 
This was a fairly straight forward and SUPER quick/easy refashion. 

/// I laid one of my other button ups on top and pinned where I wanted it brought in. 
/// for the arms I wanted then 3/4 sleeves so I cut them at the elbow. I still wanted the lace to be on the end so I cut the lace that was on the end of the sleeves and reattached it at the point I cut. 

And that's it. I love quick projects. I just wish I would have done it sooner. 


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