Anjuli - Sisters, What!


I am a single Mom to 3 Boys. Being a Mom is my main occupation, but I am also a full time Online Student of Business. Between 3 boys and school, I have felt at times to have lost myself. But on those rare occasions that I can take time to sew, or craft, I find that small part of myself that stands alone and strong. My belief is that in order to be a better Mom, I need to be able to have a small amount of Me time. So, along with my Sisters I hope to share those things that help me become a better Mom, and that help me to understand myself.

She is captivating, elegant and full of spunk. She always let my sister and I tag along with her and her older friends-and yes, Sierra and I thought we were the coolest kids on the block because of it. She never once made us feel like a younger sister tag along.  She was always the designated pie maker during thanksgiving and any other time. Yes, they were that good. She has always been amazing at sewing and other crafty endeavors. And if you have a curly hair problem, she's your girl.

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