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How to Cover a Book with Fabric and Glue or Sewing

Learn how to cover a book with fabric and glue or sewing. It's a super quick craft project that can be done in under 30 minutes. You don't need any sewing skills to make this. But, if you want, and can sew, you can sew this fabric covered notebook cover quickly. It's a great beginner sewing project to make with kids

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diy no sew book cover
This is another project from a couple of years ago that I completely forgot about. It was a fun project that I plan on doing with my kids. My daughter is always wanting to sew and it can be hard to find a good beginner sewing project for her sewing level. This is a great way to use up any scraps and cover up any plain old notebook or book. 
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Are you like me and collect lots of random notebooks, both pretty and plain? Then this is a great way to cover it up. It's such an easy scrap fabric buster project and you can do it in short afternoon. 

These diy fabric covered notebooks are very simple to make. I've made them two ways, with glue and with sewing. The fabric covers are meant to be put on as slip covers, so they can be removed if desired. I love that about this project. Maybe you have some scriptures or book that you love and want some fabric fabric to cover it. This is a way to customise it and make a unique cover for your book or notebook. 
how to cover a book with fabric and glue

Easy Sewing Project to do with Kids

This is such a fun sewing project to with kids to teach them how to sew. Or keep it simple for smaller kids and do the glue version. If you're thinking of doing this with kids, check out some of our other handicraft projects I've shared on here that I've done with with my kids. I've been trying to slowly introduce my kids to a variety of handicrafts skills.  So far we've tried wood working projects, sewing, clay, embroidery, pressed flower art and some finger knitting. And many more that I hope to share on here one day. I don't expect them to become experts at it, I simply want inspire them and give them a creative education along with their other home school subjects. 
See all the handicraft projects that I've shared so far. 
how to make a fabric book cover

How to Cover a Book with Fabric and Glue or Sewing

Supplies needed to make your own Fabric Book Covered Book:

how to cover a book with fabric or glue

Step 1. Cut your fabric for the notebook

First lay your book on the fabric and measure your fabric. You want about 3-4 inches extra fabric on each side of the book. For the top and bottom, cut a seam allowance of about an inch on top and bottom (I accidentally cut mine too small, but it still worked out).
diy notebook cover with fabric and glue

Step 2. Glue or sew your fabric edges

Now starting on the sides and then the tops, fold your fabric in 1/4 of an inch and glue the fabric down. The glue might soak through the fabric, that's ok but make sure it's not a surface that it could stick to. Let dry.
If sewing the fabric, fold your fabric and iron. Then sew the fabric in place. Sew around all the edges. 
make a book cover with fabric

Step 3. Fold Sides of Fabric Over

Now fold over your sides over your book. Carefully glue the flaps of the book to the back of the fabric. I used wonder clips as it dried.  Let dry. And that's it. Your fabric covered book cover is done!


 Instead of glueing, fold over and iron. Then sew the tops just where you folded it. Such a simple sewing project. 
how to sew a fabric book cover easy
You can make an infinite amoutn of fabric covered notebooks in a quick afternoon. You can make mini fabric covered notebooks and give them as giftgs to friends or for a teacher gift.  how to make a fabric book cover without sewingdiy fabric book sleeve

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