Havalah - Sisters, What!


like "Little Bird, Little Havalah" (name that movie). I am 5'1 and proud of every inch. I'm so lucky to be a stay at home mum to a lively little redhead boy; he is my daily dose of pure sunshine. Along with being a mum, I have an unnatural love for jumping while taking pictures. But that's not all, I also love being creative. My motto is "necessity is the mother of invention"; so as my creative juices flow, I just hope that something amazing will happen during the process....

She loves art and music of all kinds (but mostly classical). She claims to not be an artist, but she likes to pretend. She loves everything rainbow even though she is now an adult. Thus, she loves colors; all of them. Since having a baby, she has found herself with more time to be creative and is excited to beautify the world with one creative project at a time.

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