Joy - Sisters, What!


I am a mom first of all, but I also love to quilt, scrapbook, read, eat and create. Being a mom is hard; I do a lot of things over and over: dishes, laundry, more dishes. I love to make things because it gives me closure. I love the feeling after I finish a quilt or a scrapbook that is why I create. It keeps things real for me. Hopefully some of the "stuff" we share here can help you keep things real too...

Introducing Joy (according to Hava) She is our drama queen; drama queen in the best possible way. During her high school days she was in all the school drama productions. But, she mostly entertained us at home. We loved being around her "joyful" and dramatic personality. She always made us laugh in the best ways. She once told my mom that she would never sew or be crafty in anyway....well only a few years later she has become a quilting and scrapbook maniac. oh and did I mention that she makes the best deserts? well she does. 

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