Sierra - Sisters, What!


Yo, my name is Sierra, and I love life. A few important things you need to know: I love to eat, read, music and anything to do with sports. I have always said I'm not creative, but I think I have finally found a creative outlet in cooking; who knew my love for food could be turned into a hobby. Being a busy person between work and school, I find these hobbies help me relax and love life anew. Peace out and stay tuned for some awesomeness!!!!

Last, but not least. Sierra. She is our sunshine. Literally. Except when she sleeps...Anyway, she has always been our sporty sister and has claimed that she was born without any crafty or creative talent. Oh boy, was she wrong. Like a super hero, she is yet to find her super powers or at least realize them. Recently she started to realize her love of food (we could have told her that, but she needed to find out on her own). 

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