- Sisters, What!

We are sisters who are strewn across the country for all sort of crazy adventures that life has taken us on. For fun, we started this creative blog of mind blowing thoughts to simple craft projects. If you so dare, stay a while, stalk us, laugh with us, or just say hello. We promise that you will find greatness...or maybe a bunch of silliness. : )


So here's a little background about us:

We are family, I've got all my sisters with me. Yes, my family is awesome, and I love my sisters. I was dubbed to introduce all of us. There are actually six of us kids, but only two boys. Two men I mean, and they were born to protect us from evil Darth Vader. Yes, you read that right. Even still, I have it on good authority that they still secretly have their light sabers nearby to protect those around them. Why am I mentioning my brothers, well because if it weren't for them, us girls would be lost to the world of men. They taught us and prepared us for boyfriends and husbands and sons. Most important, they taught us how vital it is to love star wars, if not for our husbands sake, at least for our sons sake.

Anyway, back to us sisters. My sister might change their mind about electing me for the honor of this first post, but its too late...hahah (evil laugh)

The oldest sisters is Joy

Next is Anjuli.

Then Havalah.

Last, but not least: Sierra

But we can't forget our beautiful mother who has inspired us - Marme

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  1. You have lovely sisters and a beautiful Mother. I have seven sisters and three brothers myself.
    'We are family, I've got all my sisters with me' has always been our theme tune..It makes me sad now tho' as my beautiful sister Joan passed away on 26th January this year.I know she will always be with me.xx


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