Granola - Sisters, What!


This morning I sat down to my bowl of Cheerios and realized I missed my Granola. Since moving I hadn't made a batch so I thought I would whip up a few batches. While at it I took a few is harder to take pictures while pouring then I thought it was. Anyway enjoy:

Here is what you need. You can substitute the vanilla for Almond Extract. So yummy. You can also add sunflower seeds or nuts.

First add the oats in a large bowl.

Then the brown sugar. Yup this is healthy granola...?

Now the coconut.

Mix that all together.

Stop and put the lid back on the brown sugar before your son gets a sugar buzz.

Add the nuts. We like Pecans around here but you can use whatever. Mix it all together.

Add the honey and the oil. Mix...sometimes I have to use my hands. Make sure you wash.

All mixed.

Pour it out onto the VERY greased cookie sheet. I like my dark pan.

Smooth it out as flat as you can get it. Bake it for 20-25 minutes.

I let it cool for about 25-30 minutes then use a metal spatula to scoop it off the pan. I like to store mine in those cereal containers. Two batches fits just perfectly. Enjoy!

Here is the recipe:


Combine in large bowl:

6 cups Oats

1/2 Brown Sugar

1 Cup Coconut

1/4 Sunflower Seeds (I leave them out)

1 Cup Chopped Nuts (I use Pecans)


1/2 Cup Veg. Oil

1/2 Cup Honey

2 Tsp. Vanilla (or Almond Extract)

Mix well. I use my hand because you want to really mix in that honey. Spray a cookie sheet with PAM then spread out Granola on pan evenly. Bake @ 350 for 20 minutes. ENJOY!


  1. hmm that looks good...I might have to make some =]

  2. I made this last week and brigg has already eaten most of it...I've tried the almond extract and it is delish

  3. You just moved to the right part of the country for pecans. That is what we miss most about TX--the two pecan trees we had in our yard!


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