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Mexican Breakfast Burritos

The other day I  came up with this deliciousness by accident. Basically it has all my favorite ingredients. Eggs, sausage, black beans and bell peppers. 

I was just going to make simple breakfast eggs but I kept finding ingredients in my fridge that I just had to add. 
So here's the simple easy recipe which I call Mexican breakfast eggs. or you can call them Mexican Dinner Eggs and have them for dinner (who says eggs are only for breakfast). 

you will need:
6-8 eggs scrambled separately
cooked sausage (i used frozen breakfast sausage)
one bell pepper
one can of black beans
half a packet of taco seasoning
some mozzarella cheese for garnish

After you cook up your eggs then mix in the rest of the ingredients. Cook until warm. I made it in my cast iron (love, love love cast irons) and put it on warm in the oven until we were ready to eat. Then get some tortillas and put some of those delicious Mexican eggs inside and do a little cha cha. 

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