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School Lunches - The Snack Basket

School Lunches snack basket
School started yesterday. The kids start at 7:40 but get on the bus at 6:56...I know, early. In an effort to be a bit more organized and also give the kids a bit more responsibility with their school lunches I put together this snack basket. They can pick two items to go in their lunches everyday. I prepackages the items like vegi straws and pretzels in the snack sized zip lock bags so they can just grab a bag and throw it in their lunch. I am doing the same for fruit only they will be stored in the fridge. These snack bags are also great for Jackson and I at home. If we are running out the door for errands I can grab a bag and stick it in my purse. Jackson is always better in the store when his belly is full. Anyway this is the way things run in my house...you know I love me some organization.

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  1. such a good idea. I totally need to do this for Brigg - he gets confused sometimes haha

  2. btw, i noticed the chocolate dipped granola bars have been added to your snack venue ;)

  3. The kids (and I) love those. You got us addicted!

  4. Great Idea!! I may have to try this out.

  5. Dan...if you come over you can have a snack out of the basket.

  6. I'm loving how organized and simple this. I've been trying to do something similar but mine has turned into a war zone, and I don't even have school aged children again. thanks for the ideas!

    new follower!

  7. Cute idea! I love that it is all so easily assessible and takes the stress out of packing lunches on hectic mornings! We would love to have you come link up at our party! junkintheirtrunk.blogspot.com/2011/11/link-it-up-wednesday_08.html

  8. Nice idea!! Thanks for sharing @My Spin on the Pin linky party!


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