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Coffee/Play Table

We have had this coffee table for about 9 years. We got it for free when the couches we ordered didn't come in on time so they let us pick something out for FREE. We picked this table. It looked nice for a while...then our kids came along. This table has been pounded on, teethed on, stood on, performed on, stuff was thrown at this table, and I was sick of it. For the past couple of years this table has been used as a collect all. We would walk in the door and just chuck our stuff at it. Once we moved to our new house I decided that enough was enough. Time for our FREE table to look good again. Sorry. I didn't take a picture before I started working on it...

I started by sanding it down. Not in the garage this time...too hot. This time I headed out to the back porch. This time I was eaten alive by the bugs. I had no idea they could bite through clothes. Ouch.

All sanded...I could only do so much before my hands went numb.

All painted. I did two layers of white then a clear top coat to help protect this beauty from my baby #3...he still loves standing on this table and I am not going to stop him. Tradition, right?

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