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Refashionista + Thrift store tips

**UPDATE >>>> go HERE for updated post
Since living on a tight budget, I've been learning how to change up my wardrobe without spending much. I recently discovered that our Salvation Army here occasionally does a $5 dollar bag sale at least once a month. Basically any clothing items you can fit in their plastic bags, you get for $5 (jackets and shoes are an exception)...its a sweet deal.  I finally caught them on one of their $5 sale days and scavenged for what I could find. It is a tiny SA so it lacks good selection of clothing. However I've finally learned the best ways to thrift shop for clothes:
  • Game Plan: First off, if you have kids, or uno kiddo like me, mostly likely you don't have much time to spend in a thrift store looking through all the clothes. Before going in I decide what I would like to look for before going in. For this last trip, I kept an eye out for stripes, cardigans, and bright colors. I couldn't believe how much easier it was knowing what I wanted to look for.
  • Size: Don't look for just your size; any bigger shirt or sweater can be altered to fit you (plus you can use the extra material to embellish your shirt or sweater
  • Color: look for colors that stand out and that you love to wear. This will help sifting through all the clothes to find what you like. Again, if it's not your style but you like the color, you can always alter it.
  • Style: keep an eye out for a style you really like; for example, I really like stripes so I watched for stripes. 
  • Vintage: look for vintage; I've been seeing a lot of people buy vintage and mixing it with modern styles (I'm yet to be that stylish)
Here is a sweater that was too big that I took in on the sides and arms. After I took it in I had some left over material so I made a ruffle collar. Super easy and cute.

So this whole outfit (minus the pants) came from that one trip to the Salvation Army. The shoes were extra but only ended up being $2!! steal!
And So, I came home with a couple of potential new outfits and I only spent a little over $5! I was thrilled!! my husband was thrilled!! Stay tuned for a striped shirt transformation into a cute knit pencil skirt...


  1. WOW! I'm so impressed! I need to find out when my Salvation Army has that great of a sale. Great tips!

  2. Thanks for the tips Hav! SUPER cute refashioned sweater- wish I had your sewing skills :)

  3. It looks fabulous! I like what you managed to do with the sweater, but I have to agree with Keesh, you do need to have some sewing skills for this... I wish I had them too :) The sweater looks great and with a celebrity handbag it would be worthy of any fashionista.

  4. Awesome! Thanks for sharing these tips; I love the idea of knowing what you want! Now if only I knew what I wanted...

  5. Great tips! I'm never any good at the thrift store. I usually come home with things that I later bring back to the thrift store saying, "What was I thinking?" So your advice is really helpful for me! Thanks! :)

  6. Oh my goodness, this is fantastic!


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