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Tribute to Psych

So as my family knows I have a deep love for Psych, and its continued to grow over time. And there is something special about psych that you do not notice unless someone points it out to you, or you are a huge fan like me; in every episode there is a pineapple. So last week I was home for Labor Day and we were headed to the beach for one of the days.  As I was about to walk out the door, I saw a pineapple on the counter and decided that I needed to take it to the beach and take random pictures with it as a tribute to Psych
So Shawn Spencer here is to you and your pineapple. 


  1. hey sara! its ashley form the shine project... I saw that you said you wanted the minted skirt but thought it was gone... Its acutally still there and noones bought it yet! Its all yours if you want it! :)

  2. I love and Miss you Sierra! You should have taken the pineapple with you!! He is wilting without you. I guess we will have to eat him tomorrow!!

  3. hahah I love it. Looks like something my sister and I would do.

  4. I miss Psych too. Is it coming back...come for a visit and we will do a Psych marathon on Netflix and find all those pineapples.


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