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Halloween Day 22 - Dollar Store Pumpkin Revamp!

 I know that Pumpkins have been done but I just needed to share these pumpkins that I upgraded from the dollar store.  I wish I could claim the idea myself but it came from Mundane Entertainment.  Cost of this project about $2 to $3 depending on your ribbon and extra items and if you don't have spray paint on hand.
Dollar Store pumpkins
Spray Paint, I used some I all ready had from other projects.
Ribbon, and bling from Michaels 50% off.

 I have decided I like my orange as an accent color for Halloween, 
so my pumpkins became black, purple and cream.

 I gave them 2 coats each.

 Then I hot glued on ribbon and stuck on the bling.  
I really like how they turned out.  

The white one found a home by the front door on a pile of old books. 
And my friends bling covered pumpkin. Don't you love the Fleur De lis?

    And the other two found a home on my goody table for my Murder Mystery Dinner. Can you find them? Not the best picture but they are there. 

This is a sneak peak more pictures of the murder mystery party soon!!!!! 
And my Costume is up next!!!
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  1. I love them Anjuli! I should do some pumpkins like that so that I don't have to throw them away every year.

  2. These look great! I still haven't done anything with mine!

  3. They turned out so well! Your mystery dinner sounds like lots of fun too!

  4. These looks great! I'm hosting a Fabulous Fall party over at Not So Simple Housewife and I'd love for you to link this up! We are celebrating Fall and giving me and everybody else some great inspiration. We are looking for crafts, decor, food, and more! I'd love for you to add this and any other fall posts you may have!

    Kaitlin-The Not So SImple Housewife


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