Halloween Day 6: Pumpkins - Sisters, What!

Halloween Day 6: Pumpkins

    Martha Stewart is a great resource for holidays, and she has some excellent pumpkin ideas.
 For parties or just decoration.

here are some of my faves:

Besides the awesome face on this pumpkin, here is a great tutorial on how to light your pumpkin not using candles

Why not use it as a drink cooler for your awesome Halloween or Harry Potter party
or maybe this

I love these pumpkin creatures

Mice motel...so funny 

How about a Cinderella Coach to go with the mice

Who doesn't like a little glitter

I love this haunted house

Another great party idea

Have a few spare pumpkins lying around? use cookie cutters

I love this idea of using the mini pumpkins as name place setters.

And we might as well add a Harry Potter pumpkin in the mix. Free Stencil here
Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger Free Pumpkin Carving Template
 or maybe you'd prefer doing the Dark Lord, he who must not be named
or my personal favorite character, Snape


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