HP Day 23 - Party Invites - Sisters, What!

HP Day 23 - Party Invites

Ok I know I said I would share my costume next but forgot to take some pictures I needed in better light. So for now it is......Harry Potter Party Invites.

My oldest sons 8th birthday is right around the corner. In 10 Days I will have an 8 year old, and he will be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. So 8 is a big birthday for us. He just finished reading the first 2 Harry Potter books and is waiting until his birthday to read the 3rd. (I know I am a mean Mom.)  He has really got into Harry Potter which works well for our family, since my siblings and I all love it.  And we are grateful the next generation does too.  So for his birthday which is Nov 1 we are throwing a Harry Potter Party.  Which also works well because all three boys agreed to be HP characters for Halloween.  We will have Harry, Ron and Neville.  Hopefully I will have their costumes done by Friday so I will share those with you.

But enough about that.....I have been frantically looking for invite ideas and have found some really cute ones that I want to share. 

 Delivery By Owl Post

This is amazing.  I wish I knew where to give credit but this is just an image off google.
If I had time to hand deliver this is defiantly what I would be doing.

Just Sweet and Simple had these great examples. 
She even is sharing her creations for Free by simple download.
All you need to do is type up your information and print.
This is the one I am going to do because of time constraints.

shares a how to on how to create your own Hogwarts acceptance Letter.
Again Because of time restraints I won't be able to do this but they are all fabulous.
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  1. This is so clever! Great ideas!



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