HP Day 25: Proclamation Educational Decree - Sisters, What!

HP Day 25: Proclamation Educational Decree

I came across this Umbridges Proclamation board on the noble collection site and saw that it was $55!! Seriously, why would anyone spend that much money on something like that; there are much cooler things in the Harry Potter collection for less then that amount. I figured I could make it for MUCH less. 
Proclamation Board Product Detail
Here is my version. How much did it cost? umm....NOTHING. Well, I guess we could get technical and say  maybe 10 cents for the paper and ink, but that's literally pennies. 
Moral of this story, DON'T spend $55 and make one yourself!!!
 Although our little one is too little to understand such verbal commands, we figure it's a good thing to start ingraining such things  in his head early. However, when the mama or dada tickle, he really has no choice but to laugh because we are that good at hitting the right spots on his belly. 

Here is a free printable so you can make your own. Just copy it into word in a horizontal document and fit it to the page. Then print. *important note, I used a 14x11 frame and used a blank paper for the bottom of frame. To make it look antiqued, make some tea, or pero (works wonders) and gently soak the printed page. Then bake in oven for a few seconds or until desired look. 


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  1. Oh my goodness! I love it. I'm starting to think I'll have to make my boys' room HP themed :D with all these good ideas you have here.


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