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Murder Mystery Dinner

Inspired by a dear friend who turned 30 in January and threw a Harry Potter party. I decided I needed to do something like that for my 30th.  I decided to do a murder mystery dinner. Another dear friend told me about one that was all focused on Fantasy Characters and I knew that was right where I wanted to we had Vampires, werewolfs, mages, Faes, and Mortal watchers.  And the setting was a costume ball so the costumes could be whatever you wanted. I found the downloadable kit here at Dinner and Murder.

I had so much fun planning this party and putting it on. I also enjoyed coming up with my costume.  I normally focus on my boys for Halloween (which I will post about soon) that I don't dress up.  This year I came up with the perfect costume for me, inspired by The Affinity Bridge a George Mann novel and his Character Miss Veronica Hobbes.  Miss Veronica Hobbes has been compared to a female version of Watson in Sherlock and Holmes. So based on her I created a Steampunk Costume.  Steampunk involves a setting where steam power is still widely used—usually Victorian era Britain—that incorporates elements of either science fiction or fantasy.  Still confused just google Steampunk and discover a whole genre!!!!

Now on to the Party!!!! I had 30 of my closest friends there to share the night with me. And I was so glad to see how into the night every one was.  I wish I had taken more picture before of the decor but I ran out of time.

The Goody Table
The Guests!!
I was the investigator, discovering the bodies.
(no I didn't know the solution)
The whole Group
I think I need an Airship. 

Trying to pose. Not my strong suit.
I found a pattern for the jacket and made the hat. The rest is goodwill or internet finds.

Would you like a tutorial on how to make the hat?  


  1. ANjuli, I love it! Can you come do a murder mystery dinner for my next birthday?

  2. you MADE that?? *drops dead* wish I had an ounce of your talent!

  3. Love this! everything about this night is awesome. I have never done one of these parties, but have heard they are so fun:>

  4. Oh my goodness! I LOVE steampunk! So cool. Looks like a party worth dying for. . . Must. Try.

  5. Wow love the whole set-up and would definitely love a tutorial for making that hat. Gorgeous!


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