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DIY light box || String of beads Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

String some beads on wire and put into a clear ornament
My hubby gave me my Christmas present early because he knew I could use it before Christmas: a light box!!! and I love it!!
 I've been asking for one for a while now, and he finally found the best way to do it. He used this tutorial here. And seriously, it is pretty easy. After we got the supplies (yes, I went shopping with him, how else was he going to navigate Micheals by himself?), it probably took him about 10-15 minutes to cut and put it all together.
The cost wasn't too bad, but it would have been cheaper if we already had some of the materials, 
which we didn't
day light energy saving bulbs (a little pricey but worth it) - $10 for 2
total: about $30 

Every penny was worth the investment. 

After taking a few pics with the light box, we both couldn't believe it took us so long to make one of these
With light box
Before without light box
String some beads on wire and put into a clear ornament
And just for fun, here is a tutorial of the above beaded ornament. Super easy and awesome looking.
DIY Beaded Ornament Tutorial

1. get a glass or plastic ornament
2. string some beads on to wire (about necklace length or longer)
3. push them into the ornament 
3.5 keep pushing until all the beads are inside. It will be a wonderful random mess. 
4. Hang on the tree. 
Older kids would love to do this! you can do all sorts of colors.  
String some beads on wire and put into a clear ornament
String some beads on wire and put into a clear ornament
String some beads on wire and put into a clear ornament
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  1. Great ornaments. I love your light box. I asked for one for Christmas. Your results are amazing!

  2. So great! go hubby! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing at my Feature Friday Linky Party!

    Danielle @ Blissful & Domestic

  3. Another version of your light box, cut out squares of your poster board on the top and sides. Cover the cutouts with white tissue paper. Then put your lights on the OUTSIDE of your box. You will need to purchase another light. I just buy the garage lights that have the metal shade thing, and have the end where you can clamp it to where you want it. Make a light pole out of PVC pipe, easy peasy!

    You have the right idea going, just move the lights to the outside, gives you more room and shining the lights through tissue paper, knocks down the reflection and harsh light.

  4. WOW...all I can say is awesome...we all want better photos.

  5. I love your light box! I always seem to be taking pics of my projects on the fly with my phone. Maybe my DH will help me with this and I can have better pictures, too. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am so glad you shared this "How To"! I have known I needed one of these but just didn't want to invest the money. After the Holidays guess what my project is? Thanks so much....will be interested to see how my pics improve on my blog....stop by and see the before, Ha! I'm joining your blog...thanks again! Shari at

  7. I have been meaning to make a lightbox for a while for my food blog photography. I think that one is a better quality one than the one I have bookmarked!

    Stopping by from MFF

  8. i need one of these!!


  9. This is such a great tutorial!! A must need for that perfect photo and the beaded ornament will be such a great idea to do with my nephews. TFS!! Stopping by from Tatertots and Jello linky party and your newest follower.

    Here is what I shared this week: your blog header and I always sing that song during the movie "White Christmas" :-)

  10. I've hung paper beads in them and people love them. Just another idea.

  11. I hang paper beads in them and people have loved them. Just another idea.


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