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Joy To the World - Map Decoration

I saw this picture on Pinterest and loved it, and I thought it would be the easiest project; which it was. A few months ago at our party surplus store, I found a party map for only $.99; yep 1 dollar. So, I figured it was was totally worth the price and effort to try painting the 'Joy the the World' out.

1. First I sketched out my letter design.
2. Then I painted with tons of cheap white acrylic paint until it looked how I wanted it too. 
3. Then I hung it smack center on the wall. 
and I LOVE IT!
I just love Christmas Decorations that center around the true meaning of Christmas. 

As an extra bonus, you must watch these beautiful, authentic Life of Jesus Christ videos: Here


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  1. This is beautiful. I'm copying this in my kitchen asap. I have a map on my wall already and love the thought of joy and peace coming to the whole world!

    and thanks for linking up to


    (what a cool blog! You all are so lucky to have crafty and close sisters!!)


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