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Star Wars Corner bookmarks

for Christmas, my brother got these. He is an avid reader and literally read's like 10 books at a time. One by the couch, one in his room, one in his office, one in the kitchen, one in the car, one in the 72 hour kit and one by the toilet (I feel for the book stuck there)...I might have just exaggerated a bit, but probably not. So for all his books, I decided he needed some friends to join him. 
I basically guaranteed that the force will be with him as he reads
...I guess that includes the dark side as well
The hubby wasn't so happy to see me mixing Star Wars and Jane Eyre (he despises Jane Eyre), but I did it anyway. Yoda understands Jane.

OK here's my How To make Star Wars Corner Book marks
- check out this easy tutorial here
- Copy into photo shop or word and make them the size you want them. Then print
- Color in if you so desire 
- Follow tutorial and make corner book marks. Then hot glue on Star Wars stencils 
Have fun making some awesome bookmarks!


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  1. These are a fantastic idea. I'm a big reader, but also a page folder. And a perfect gift. Please stop by my blog:

  2. These are just great! My daughter LOVES Star Wars, she would freak out.

  3. Oh how my son loves Star Wars! This is fabulous!!! Would you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?

  4. Such a fun idea. My son would love these! He is an avid star wars fan and is only 7. Thanks for linking up and sharing:>


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