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COMING SOON: Savvy Style

So, we're starting a new thing, and when I say we I mean me. I say we, because hopefully my sisters will join me on occasion (we all know I could use their help). Once a week, I am going to start posting an outfit I wore and give some tips from the little bit of knowledge I have on fashion and bargain shopping. Oh, and if you have some knowledge you would like to share as well, I am always open for tips, you can even guest-post here on Sisters, Sisters.

Now, if you’re someone like me who works in a business world, most of your wardrobe may be slowly becoming blacks, grays, and whites. I'll share some of my tips that help liven up my outfits a little bit. I might sometimes post an outfit just because I thought it was cute. But on top of all my great knowledge that you are going to receive (wink wink), I'll even be giving you some tips on how to find cute/new clothing for super cheap. I don't know about you guys, but I have a really hard time paying full price for anything except shoes. But thanks to my mother, I'll share some tips on how to still have a decent/stylish wardrobe while not going into debt. 

Now, I must warn you as you have seen in past posts, I am not great at modeling (my sister calls me an "awkwardly awesome" model). So, not only will I share a little bit of advice, you'll have comedy hour where you are free to laugh at my pictures to your heart’s content. So enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to keep being awesome!

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