May the Force be with.... your brown lunch bags - Sisters, What!

May the Force be with.... your brown lunch bags

Remember how I mentioned that it was our brothers that taught us all we know about Star Wars? Well, this post is in honor of them...actually my brother Dave get's the credit for all of it. Monday night he sent me these pictures of these Star Wars lunch bag puppets that he and some friends made. 
Proof that even guys can be creative with glue and paper if they have the right motivation.
 In this case Star Wars was their motivation. 
Every time I am in the company of my brothers (or hubby), Star Wars always seems to make it's presence at least once. Whether in a subtle reference to a character or a random quote that only Star Wars nerds would know. Sometimes, I don't think they realize that they do it; Star Wars is so integrated into every fiber of their being. 
Well may the force be with them and their families!
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  1. Very impressive! I think CP03 is my favorite!

  2. Haha! These are cute- don't know which is my fav, though!! So glad that you shared it at Things I've Done Thursday!!

    P.S. I launched a great CD giveaway today if you're interested!! :)


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