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Kony 2012

So just yesterday I heard about this new campaign called Kony 2012. Apparently it is a campaign to make Joseph Kony, one of the world's worst war criminals, famous so that he can be arrested and the children that he has kidnapped can be returned to their homes. He is the leader of the LRA that started in Africa and he has been running the rebel group for over 20 years. Now I know this is a little bit out of the ordinary for this blog but I am kind of curious to know what everyone's thoughts are about it. 

As for me I think it is a great campaign but then again I am an aspiring philanthropist who wants to change the world one lease document at a time (hopefully that will change soon), so I might be semi-biased. But the idea that just regular everyday people from all over the world are getting together to try and stop this man from destroying children's lives and from killing many people sparks something in me. So watch this video and tell me what your thoughts are on this campaign. I am just curious to see if it will be effective and actually make a change. 
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  1. I'm kinda mixed about it. It's a very stirring video but I wonder what kind of a difference we can make here. I think about how our government couldn't find Saddam or Osama for years and wonder how anyone will be able to find Kony in that amount of time.

  2. definitely a powerful video. Taking children and giving them guns has been happening for so long, it makes me thinking about it. I too wonder what kind of difference we can make. We say that we're tired of America being the world's police, but when I see situations like this I think that this is why they need us. However, it's more complicated than that. And like Jaime said, it took forever for the government to find Saddam or Osama.

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  4. Yeah...no. If you want to "change the world," I recommend something a bit more local. Give blood. Read to kids in a literacy program. Give food to the local food bank. Visit the elderly (I know none of us do that enough). Look around. Do something HERE.

    Not only will doing something here make more of a difference, but it will change you, too. Sharing a video on the internet doesn't make you a better person or require any effort, not to mention does very little to bring about change. To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, sacrifice is required to truly change you and to bring the personal satisfaction of giving of yourself to others. That which requires little effort results in little change.

    Also, newsflash: there have been violent warlords in Africa for a very long time. This isn't the first, nor is it the worst.

  5. Why not do things here AND raise awareness? If we keep awareness of the issues (Darfur, genocide, apartheid, female genital mutilation, Kony, sex trafficking, etc.) in everyone's face - those who have the power to do things might actually step up to the plate and assist. I don't think the U.S. should send troops over and start another war, but I love that we have sent advisors to assist.

    I choose not to donate money, but I choose to raise awareness. If I was the mother of one of those children who was kidnapped and raped, sold to prostitution, made to fight...I would be praying that people around the world would be doing everything possible to end this. I hope the same right now.

    Also, it gives me ZERO satisfaction that I am not in the position to do more than spread awareness. Spreading awareness doesn't make me happy. It doesn't make me feel like I'm changing the world. But I do it because I hope that it will push others to act. What does give me satisfaction is when I donate clothes to the local homeless shelter, make sandwiches for the homeless, volunteer at our local free medical clinics for the uninsured, and tutor fourth graders in reading. So yeah, maybe people need to step it up and help out on the homefront, but that doesn't mean we can't try to help those in "far away places" in any way we can.


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