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Pizza Pizza..

So last night I had to go for a long run to try out my new running shoes and it ended up being a painful run (obviously I'm not in great shape) but the great thing that came out of it was that I was super hungry afterwords (nothing new there) and wanted to make tons of food. So off to the store I went with this wonderful dream of Alfredo Pizza with tomatoes and basil, but then that dream changed when I decided to add Italian sausage and bacon. Anyway it turned out amazing and it was really easy to make, I would definitely recommend it next time you want to make some pizza. I don't have measurements because I just eye balled it which is how pizza should be made. But don't leave out the basil because in my opinion it is the cherry on top!
Italian Sausage
Alfredo Sauce
Colby Jack Cheese (for under toppings)
Mozzarella (on top)

Enjoy...and keep being awesome! 

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  1. Yum! Your pizza looks amazing. Bacon makes everything better =)

  2. Yummy.....we are starting the tradition of Homemade Pizza back up here at home....I will share soon.

  3. Looks delish. Make me one when you come?

  4. Popped over to join the fun. Found you through Liebster
    Please come by Dreaming and join the fun there.
    The pizza sounds quite interesting!


  5. OH my yum! I am totally making this. Visiting from COM


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