Scrap Flower Spring Garland - Sisters, What!

Scrap Flower Spring Garland

While visiting sister Joy, I came across her vast fabric scrap bucket full of wonderful colors (she picks out the best fabrics for her quilts). For fun, I started making scrap flowers. After a few random flowers, I came up with this idea of putting it on a garland. 
So after making her a plethora of flowers, I came home and immediately went through my own fabric scraps. It was the perfect little project for the 3 hr drive to and from Columbus (don't worry, I wasn't the one driving).

I wasn't sure how I was going to string them. For the one I first made for my sister, I hot glued a piece of straw between the flowers (genius right). But, after I added the straws, my sister and I realized that we'd need thick ribbon to keep the flowers from sliding into each other (not so genius, unless you have thick ribbon on hand).
I was going to try a regular needle and thread, but then I thought about using embroidery thread instead. I used a big yarn needle to thread the flowers together and it worked like a charm. I didn't even need to tie knots between the flowers because the thread held the flowers in place. 
As for the actual flowers, I sort of made them up. After making two flowers, I stuck them back to back and then threaded the embroidery thread through it to make them look ball shape. 
Here are a few excellent tutorial for you that shows you how to make flowers pretty similar to mine. 

1. Design Sponge's Party Flower - in this tutorial she cuts fancy circles, I just did plain circles 
2. Make and Love it Full and Textured Flowers - if you want really really really full flowers, but it might take you longer to make the flower. 

I love that I was able to find another use for my hopeless scraps. I imagine fabric scraps are like the  forgotten toys on Toy Story; they also long to be used for a good and happy purpose. 

Happy Spring!


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  1. Wowie. So cute. And btw, afterwatching a million episodes of hoarders, it's so much harder to let myself save things (sothanks for the excuse ;D). Aaaand, Toy Story has become a somewhat disturbing show for he hoarder in me for that very reason;D.

  2. Havalah I love it! What a great idea to bring a little spring into the house! thanks for sharing.

    Stop by my blog as I have a fun giveaway on now that I think you girls would enjoy. Cheers,

  3. Love!! Thanks so much for linking up, I just shared this project on my fb page:

  4. Hi Havalah, your craft was featured on Wayward Weekend Features:

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing with us!


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