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Heart on my Knee - Heart Hole Patch

One thing about me and my jeans is that I like to hold on to them for as long as humanly possible; Especially my favorite pairs. As spring descended upon us oh so nicely, I went through my jeans to put them away for winter. One of my pairs was finally at it's wit ends...that is it was time to retire them as pants. But I knew they still had a little life left in them yet.

So I cut off the bottom of the jeans, but still wasn't sure what to do with the big hole. After much serious contemplation, I decided to try out a reverse heart applique. Using other scrap dark jean material, I sewed a heart under my jeans and then cut out the actual jeans to show the heart underneath.
I was so happy how it turned out, but even more happy to give yet another year of life to my beloved jeans. 

Bonus: I could still jump in them : )


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  1. Love your jumping picture! Fun idea to fix the hole!

  2. AWESOME IDEA!! I do the same thing, hold on to my favorite jeans as long as possible no matter how many holes, if they fit just right. I will be extending their lives with your idea, thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh how clever! I love the reverse applique idea!

    Lazy Saturdays

  4. That little heart is so darling! Great idea!

  5. It's a very nice idea! love it!


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