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Savvy Style: Business with a Pop

So as I promised a long time ago here is finally some fashion advice on how to spice up your work outfits. I really like pencil skirts and I also like blazers, but I'm not brave enough (but I'm working on it) to buy a colored blazer so my last option is to make my shirt something exciting. So here is some examples of taking a normally boring skirt or boring blazer and adding some color. I even have one example of how you can turn that business outfit into a fun weekend outfit. Another thing I'd like to add is if you were like me who was skeptical about this baggy shirt style, I say try it out, they are so comfortable. You can tuck it into a skirt, into jeans, shorts, or even just let it hang. My roommate talked me into this one and now I am a believer.  

 Not sure what is happening here...simply said I love college football. Actually I was telling my dog to stay away from me and my sister got the pose right in time.
  Sadly I am still an awkwardly awesome model...and I still have yet to get rid of the awkward part, maybe I should add this to my list of to do's, but in the meantime enjoy and feel free to laugh.
 Blazer: H&M Top:  Bohme Boutique  Skirt: H&M Sandals: Tillys

Keep being awesome!

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