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Yellow and Old Lace - Shirt Refresher

Here's my latest refashion....actually more like a tank top refresher. Basically this tank need some freshening up. Nothing a little lace and a sewing machine can't fix. 
It took me probably like 10 minutes max; basically super easy and super quick

Make Your Own
1. Get some lace - I had another shirt that had lace on the bottom of two other shirts, so I just cut it off of those
2. Then pinned it where you want it on the shirt (it helps to try the shirt on first) 
3. Then sew in the middle of the lace, following the pattern. 
Super easy and your done!

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  1. The lace makes the tank top very feminine. you could probably wear it in the evening for an event as well. Lovely.

  2. So cute! I love the 'quick and dirty' type of project, very much my style, nice job :)

  3. I love what you have done with a basic shirt!! What a great idea:) I have a stash of old lace that I should put to work making a top like this!


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