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4th of July bunting: a tutorial

For the first time ever we finally have some 4th of July decorations to put up in our house! Yep, took me about 5 years. It all happened because the hubby had to work way too late one night, and I found myself with no projects (which was probably a small malfunction in my hippocampus because later I remembered million projects I needed to do - oops).
4th of July bunting
Thanks to the searching of pinterest, I decided to make some 4th of July bunting. I’ve never really made bunting before, so I was kind of excited; It’s always fun to try out a new sewing project. Thanks to my hubby for my newish handy pinking shears, this project was made so easy. 
I did a few reverse appliqué stars which turned out super awesome and super easy. Awesome and easy, doesn't get much better than that. 

To make your own 4th of July bunting:
1.         Cut yourself a rectangle out of chosen fabric. My triangles are not measured to be the same size, so it doesn’t matter the size of your rectangle.
2.      Fold in half and using pinking shears cut out a triangle shape (do not cut the top where it is folded in half). Now if you want all your triangles to be the same shape, then make sure all your rectangles are the same size and then cut your triangles the same as well.
3.       to make the star reverse appliqué get a different color fabric (yellow in my case), cut out a small square or rectangle. On the back of the fabric draw a star; the star doesn’t have to be perfect. Take the star fabric piece and put it on the inside of one of one of the triangle sides . The print of the fabric should be touching the triangle piece and you should be able to see the star that you drew. Now with your sewing machine sew on the lines following the outline of the star. You can go over the star twice if you like that look.
4.       After you are done, flip the triangle over so you see the outside of the triangle.  Using your seam ripper, start ripping out the triangle fabric inside of the star outline. Make sure you don’t accidently cut up the underneath star fabric. And walla, a star is born without any gases or star dust.  
5.       Now sew the triangle together, all the way around leaving at least a ½ inch on the top of the triangle.
6.       Your done so string it on to your garland (I used hemp string). 
To make a layered triangle (first follow previous steps 1-2)
1.         cut a smaller triangle with contrasting bunting (make sure to cut with your pinking shears).
2.      sew your bigger triangle together all the way around then sew on the smaller triangle. And your done and a triangle within a triangle is born…
Happy 4th of July!

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  1. The stars are my favorite! Very cute!

  2. That turned out so cute! I hope you'll link up to my Patriotic Project Parade.


  3. This is very sweet and it came out so cute! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower!!
    Hope you have had a great weekend!

  4. Love it! Very cute! Thanks for sharing!


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