the Beastly Sunday Quiet Book - Churchy pages - Sisters, What!

the Beastly Sunday Quiet Book - Churchy pages

Here is my latest sewing project - the Sunday Quiet Book.
 Let me tell you, it was a beast, a wonderful beast, but a beast non-the-less. I loved every minute making it, but I'm glad I'm done (at least for a long while). The only thing left to do is to add holes...
Here are my church related pages
Noah' s Ark (template here) I really love the animals, but they sure did take a while.
Noah's Animals

Right next to the Ark page, I made a Rainbow pocket page to hold a Noah's Ark children's book. 

I thought it'd be fun to add some missionary pages that included pictures of the hubby on his mission
(a mission is when young men and young woman from our church can serve and share our beliefs with others in the U.S. and overseas)

I figured a mailbox would be perfect for this section so our little ones can start practicing writing letters now. The envelopes open and close with velcro. 
In order to preserve the hubbies missionary pictures, I sewed them under some thick plastic. 

I really love this Jonah and the Whale page (template from here); my favorite part is that you can open the whales fin to view Jonah in the stomach. 
Lehi and the Tree of Life
Lehi and the Tree of Life (template here). I need to found the pears, but somehow they are already missing. Nephi is attached to the iron rod and can slide to the tree

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  1. You guys are just so cute! We love meeting families with so many sisters! Thanks for linking up with us on "Strut Your Stuff Saturday!" We hope to see you next week! -The Sisters

  2. that's awesome, havalah! great job! were you inspired by Mary while we watched Downton Abbey? :)


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