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Dainty and White: Pants to Shorts

In my pile of clothes, I re-found these ] white khakis. I've never worn white pants, or white shorts; the main: because of my wonderful creative messes I make in all aspects of life (my hubby laughs at such an understatement).  
But really, I was warned that once I had a child that I'd be washing my clothes as much as the little one's. Basically here's the math:
 Me (wonderful creative mess) + a little one (a boy who loves dirt and rocks) = AVOID white or light color clothing. 

Problem: I love white.
 Solution = what the heck, wear it anyway and wash it after every wearing (oh and use oxyclean)
Seriously, if I get lucky I can wear them a second day without washing. 
 They are totally worth it. 
Here's what I did (sorry I forgot to take pictures again)
- Cut longer than desired length
- hem shorts as you would normally
- then sew on desired fabric on the under part of shorts on top of hem
- roll up shorts to show off the lovely fabric
And here is my 'partner in messy crime'; he's recently learned how to give kisses on command. 
Albeit, they are wide mouth and fully of saliva, but I love every one. 

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  1. Turned out really cute. You are brave to wear white with a little one. Every time Zac wears his white shorts he always gets mad when Jackson mucks them up. I always just look at him and wonder why he is shocked. Dirt happens. That is why we have washing machines and Oxy Clean. We are so lucky.

  2. I love how the shorts turned out. I really need to learn to sew! I'm visiting from the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. By the way, I Love your blog header! Thanks :)

  3. Love this post, please link it up with me on Wow Us Wednesday at Family Home and Life. Liked you on facebook :)

  4. I love my white pants! These turned out super cute. Thanks for sharing at our Handmade Tuesdays party.

  5. NIce job - they look like you bought them that way!


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