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Home Made Chicken Nuggets

This is my attempt at a tutorial, I am sure everyone out there has a great recipe for fried chicken but this one is special. Why you ask? It isn't the ingredients, or the chicken. This is special because my 4 year old - (the I don't eat chicken besides frozen chicken nuggets, 4 year old)- ate this.  I had been struggling for weeks to get my youngest to eat meat of any kind besides frozen chicken nuggets which he only would eat once a week.  I refuse to make special meals so if he found out we were eating meat with dinner he would refuse.  I tried hiding the meat in the potatoes, in salad bites, bribing and letting him go hungry.  Nothing worked, not even the potatoes, he would feel the chicken and spit it out.  So one night I had decided on Fried Chicken and started cooking. For some reason I cut each piece of chicken up small, I am not sure why? Grandpa walked in and said "Why are you cutting it all up?"  I just looked at him and wondered that myself normally we cook each piece whole. But it was a blessing in disguise because we told Colby they were chicken nuggets and down they went.  So a couple weeks later I tried again, this time leaving some larger pieces for the adults. And again Colby ate them.
This is a really basic recipe but I hope you enjoy it.

1. Boil chicken until just starting to cook.
2. Whip up two to three eggs.
3. Make a flour mixture: Flour, Salt, Pepper and rosemary
4. Cut in to small or large pieces.
5. Soak for a minute in eggs.

6. Coat chicken in flour mixture. I find that if I pile the flour on top and let it sit for a minute the flour sticks better.

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  1. Yum! These look tasty! Great job on the tutorial!

  2. luke doesn't like the fake store ones, and those look amazing. Definitely going to have to try some of my own

  3. We do a similar thing at our house. Also, we do a baked version with a crushed Rice Krispie coating. But as long as they are 'bite sized' the kids call them chicken nuggets and my picky eater will eat them.

  4. These look so delicious!!! And it's actual chicken unlike what's sold in stores as chicken nuggets!! I've never made them at home but have wanted to, glad I saw your post!

  5. These sound great! I love chicken nuggets and so does my one year old! Thanks for sharing this!


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