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Fossil Ice Rocks

For my church, I helped plan our 4th of July activity, and because it was so hot we had many water activities to keep everyone cool. 
One of the activities we had for the kids, was ice rocks with toys frozen on the inside. And let me tell you, it was a huge hit. The kids loved digging for the toys, but most just liked dropping them over and over again on the sidewalk. 

Here's the tutorial: 

regular balloons (not water balloons; those are too tiny and delicate to put toys inside)
dollar store toys
  1. stuff the little toy inside the balloon
  2. fill with water
  3. stick in freezer until frozen. After it's completely frozen cut or peel off balloon and let your little one's go at it. 

Have fun keeping the little ones busy and cool in the summer heat.

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  1. This definitely is a fun project. I bet those little ones will sit there and wait for the ice to melt down to get that toy.. :)
    Thanks for linking up at Friday Fun Party. Have a nice weekend!

  2. AMAZING idea!! Going to do this for my little girl REALLY soon!

    Caitlyn (ladyphlogiston)


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