lyrics on the mirror - Sisters, What!

lyrics on the mirror

A friend posted this beautiful remade piano on Pinterest,  and I just just fell in love with it immediately (via Call me Kristen). One day I would love to have an old painted piano like this, but for now I decided that I could at least replicate the beautiful lyrics on something else. 
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We used to live near this amazing dump (i know oxy moron) where people would throw away really nice things (that should have been donated to goodwill). For big objects, people usually left them next to the dumpster, so it wasn't exactly dumpster diving, right? but trust me,  I'm not typically a dumpster 'diver', but it's hard to resist something that looks in excellent quality and has a potential for new life.
It was on such an occasion that we found a beautiful mirror that just needed a little face lift. Remembering the yellow piano with lyrics, I decided to take a go to do it on this mirror. 

However, I do not own a silhouette or cricket, so I had to come up with other methods of getting those lyrics on there, and I wasn't about to write them on there. I followed this one tutorial that used her printer and did a modge podge transfer. It didn't quite turn out as I was hoping, for some of the letters didn't transfer very clearly. But, I guess that just gives it a more antique of a look.
It now sits upon our lovely brown piano. As I realized after I took this picture, you can see our broken ballerina with a make shift arm sling (the clever hubs doing) and evidence my son's primary use of the piano. 

Anyway, so I can't find the tutorial I originally used, so I'll see if I can make one up for you soon. 


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  1. I love anything with lyrics - and you nailed this!
    Gorgeous job
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