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Cropping Images into different shapes - tutorial

Since I started blogging, there were a few photo edits that I had no idea how to do on Photo Shop Elements. Well, after a bit of time I finally figure some of them out. So I thought maybe I'd share a few of those things on here so that you too can do a few fun things to do to your photos. 
The first tutorial I'm going to share is how to crop your image into different shapes (using photo shop elements). 
Skill level: super easy!!
Open your image in photo shop elements
First select the cookie cutter tool (it looks like a star cookie cutter)

On the top left is where you can select your shapes. There is a list of many shapes, the one for circles and rounded edges is under the 'Shapes' one. Once your there, select the one you want. I opted for a circle. 

I start in one of the corners and drag the pointer until it covers what I want. Before hitting enter or the check mark, you can manipulate it exactly how you want it to be cropped. 

And there you have it. Super easy right? sometimes its just know where to look, and I didn't know that for a long time. 

Below is an example of rounded edges. 

Happy Picture Cropping!
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