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Missionary Map and our Sister Missionary

The youngest of us Sisters has departed for 18 months and will be missed greatly. We are so proud of her decision to serve a Mission for the our Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is serving in the Kennewick Wa Mission.  Because of her choice to go on a mission I finally got around to finishing a project that I had wanted to do do for a long time. 
Sierra Pointing out her Mission

I first saw it on Pinterest with the original Found here.  And I really wanted one to inspire my own boys to serve missions.  I found a huge world map at Costco which also came with the United States map but I really wanted to do the world.  I then bought vinyl words from a great friend with a vinyl cutter.  The words are from a children's Primary song that the children learn in our church.  "I hope they Call me on a Mission, When I have Grown a Foot or Two" A small interesting Note: My boys sang this song in Church when my Sister gave her Mission Farewell talk.  They weren't on key or perfect but it was such a sweet experience for me.

 I wanted a World Map because I also got little red dots to stick on places where our family members  have served missions.  My brothers have both gone on mission's one served in Romania and the other Brazil. My brother in laws went to Columbia and Portugal.  My Dad went to Scotland and my Grandpa served in the Czechoslovakia. One Grandma went to the Southern States mission and the other to Las Vegas. And I can keep going on....  The point is I wanted to give my boys a viewpoint and understanding of how exciting and important it is to go on a mission.  I plan on printing out a list of each person and where they served but I haven't gotten that far yet.  There are 14 dots on our Map with Sierra being #15.  These included my Uncles and Aunts that served Missions, so my boys great Uncles and Aunts.

The Map
Close up of the Red Dots
Sierra is a wonderful Aunt and will be Amazing Missionary.
We are so grateful for her Example and Sacrifice!
The boys miss her but probably not as much as her Sisters


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